A need aroused during the investigate of the Drakensberg Cable Car to study similar projects which would be vital for the success of the Drakensberg cable car project. It was critical that engagements with operators of similar projects from around the world take place.

This is how the international investment conference and exhibition of the Drakensburg Cable car came about.

KwaZulu-Natal is in the mission to position itself as a preferred destination for all visitors through the development of key tourism iconic projects.  The conference will and has attracted global venture investors, real estate managers, manufactures, and operators from relevant organisations, enabling sharing of best practices to consider in the development and operations of the Drakensburg Cable Car.

This sharing of International experiences, allows the Drakensberg investment conference to provide an open platform:

  • For the engagement with potential investors.
  • To allow all delegates to share environmental issues.
  • To allow the exploration of all various manufacturing options which will enable a benchmark to obtain different intricacies for the cable car concept, gain strategic direction and best practice.
  • As well as learning from successes and failures of similar projects.

KwaZulu-Natal is also symbiotically connected to the global market and it is imperative that while it has to focus on its internal dynamics, it has identified a significance for embracing ideas from the world community. The Drakensberg investment Conference and exhibition allows KwaZulu-Natal to develop competitive traits enabling them to thus become part in the global economy.

The investment conference will assist the province to fully understand the dynamics associated with this project unpacking long term benefits, through a better understanding of environmental issues and mitigating factors that can affect the development of the cable car, ultimately allowing this iconic project to be the success and unlocking the potential of UKhahlamba.