Ecological Footprint

The cable car prevents the proliferation of tracks and other evidence of hikers in the mountains. This will greatly diminish environmental impact in the mountains.


Carbon Free Transport

The cable car will not pollute Drakensberg, at the same time it replaces the need for roads and other accessibilities.


Catalyst for Tourism and Local Economic Development

The Cable Car will bring critical mass to Drakensberg, leveraging the economic development in the region. The new project will lead to complementary investments, especially in the Tourism Sector contributing to  its growth not only in size but in quality.


Community Inclusion Project

The local community plays a central role in the Development and enrichment of the Cable Car. The project will greatly contribute towards job creation in the region as well as raise attention to the preservation of these cultures and communities.


Heritage Preservation

The Cable Car will promote independent studies on the necessary measures to preserve the natural heritage of Drakensberg. The sustainable exploration of Drakensberg is crucial to allow for investment in its richness.


Facilitated Access for Everybody

Current options to reach Mount Amery are expensive and require, in most cases, physical preparation. The construction of the Cable Car in Drakensberg will allow all citizens and tourists to reach the top and enjoy the wonders of Mount Amery.